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Drew Niemeyer is the founder of Acid Reflux Formula, a venture created to collect and disseminate information about acid reflux disease, its misconceptions and its unspoken solutions, and to help others overcome acid reflux for good.Drew spent 15 years trying to overcome reflux disease, sifting through swathes of conflicting health information, and testing supplements and treatments with varying successes.With a background in technical skills, Drew is forever searching for the hows and whys to every problem. Never content to accept that a disease exists “just because”, he is always on the hunt for solutions.After a major breakthrough in his own fight against acid reflux, he began to make other discoveries about his health, and subsequently forged a path to freedom from acid reflux. He has written about his journey in his book Acid Reflux Formula, written to help others do the same.He is now able to go against all conventional anti-reflux advice to eat juicy steaks every day, drink coffee and eat chocolate on occasion without complaint.To keep up with Drew’s plans, publications and other events, register your interest by clicking the button below:

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