Have you tried everything – all the acid reflux tests and so-called solutions – and seem to have exhausted all your avenues?

I was in this position too! I spent a lot of time online and a lot of time talking to doctors…

  • Listening to others chasing their tails on the subject
  • Talking to naturopaths
  • Talking to gut specialists
  • Visiting Ear, Nose, Throat Doctors
  • Visiting Gastrointestinal doctors

…and coming up with no answers. I read many blogs and books only to be disappointed that they had nothing to offer, despite all the promises.

My tests for signs of acid reflux always came back normal. Aside from some redness in the throat, my esophagus and my stomach appeared to be perfectly healthy. Doctors could only guess as to what may have been the causes, but didn’t offer any solutions that could fix the problem long-term.

I began on some PPI treatment and was given various rounds of antibiotics to treat some gut issues. The pain was so unmanageable that I was planning to go through irreversible surgery to help deal with the problem. Thankfully, some persistence in researching the topic, as well as a healthy dose of luck, brought me some answers that saved me from surgery and helped me to overcoming acid reflux for good.

What is this book about?

This book is written to help you overcome reflux disease by identifying and fixing the underlying causes of the disease.

It is a step-by step walk through the most important facts about reflux disease, what causes it, and the sequential steps that you need to take to bring your body back to health. This is not a book to gather dust at the back of the bookshelf or fall into oblivion in the lost files of your ebook collection. This is your chance to take the bull by the horns and gather the information you need to take action.

If the information in this book and it’s accompanying webpage is not worth 5 stars, please let me know why, so that I can improve the information that it contains.

Synopsis of the book


Make sure you read the introduction to the book. It outlines who this book is for, who will benefit from the information, and who is unlikely to find what they are looking for.

Chapter One: Is Weight Loss Really the Answer?

One of the most common pieces of advice are to lose weight, but studies show that there is no particular BMI where people develop reflux. Also, as a skinny guy who had reflux extremely badly, I know you don’t need to be overweight to have reflux. So, this tells the real story about the link between body fat and reflux disease.

Chapter Two: The Number One Villain of Reflux Disease

Does anyone know what really causes reflux disease? Well, a few researchers do, and I am really surprised that this information is not more widely spread. In fact, I never hear mention of it anywhere. I hear a lot of secondary causes of reflux disease, such as intestinal dysbiosis and the symptoms that create bloating and intestinal discomfort, but the primary cause is much more silent, and tends to create all those other diseases that seem to accompany reflux disease. If you didn’t know that reflux is always accompanied by other diseases, just ask around and you will find that acid reflux sufferers do not have (otherwise) perfect health.

Chapter Three: The True Reflux-Reducing Diet

Forget about Trigger Foods! Trigger foods are simply a way to manage the symptoms, not to cure the disease. While a conventional reflux-management diet will allow the disease to progress over time, a proper diet for reflux can help to solve multiple causes of the disease. In one great swoop, the right diet can fix the primary cause of reflux disease, many of the diseases that accompany acid reflux, as well as bloating and many intestinal troubles as well.

Chapter Four: Eliminating Reflux Medication

The standard treatment for acid reflux disease does not make us better. It is hardly a secret that PPI medications cause all sorts of debilitating diseases, but did you know that PPI medications give a great boost to to the progression of acid reflux disease? You can read all about how this occurs in this chapter. Thankfully for me, treatment with PPI medications never helped to reduce the symptoms I felt with my own acid reflux pain, and it drove me to research everything that I know about acid reflux today.

Chapter 5: Fix Your Gut Lining

I’m still adding these chapters in…

Chapter 6: Understanding Gut Bacteria

Chapter 7: Housekeeper of the Intestines

Chapter 8: Gastroparesis

Chapter 9: Raise Your Acid Levels

Will you fit into the Acid Reflux Formula?

Part of the confusion that arises in health circles is that we are all different. One solution works for person A but doesn’ work for person B and person C needs a completely different answer because their reflux is caused by something else. Acid Reflux has many causes… or so we thought.

As medicine progresses, it is finding connections between various diseases and tracing them back to just one, two or three causes, rather than the dozens of variations that it saw previously. That is why 80 different autoimmune diseases may soon be recognized as having very few causes. Or the cluster of heart disease, diabetes, high lipids and blood pressure are now simply known as metabolic syndrome.

Acid reflux may be a little more complex, but it runs along to a pattern, just like all other things do.

What about trigger foods?

I gave up on the concept of “trigger foods” a long time ago, because I believe that there is a concept that is much better, that helps to explain the causes of acid reflux disease. For me, determining which foods were trigger foods was a very ambiguous process

What are the limitations of this book?

Is this the last Reflux book you will ever read?

Hopefully you will never need to read another book to fix up your reflux! If you are anything like me, though, you like to be well-informed. This is why I actually recommend more books to read.

Every chapter of Acid Reflux Formula could be made into a book of its own. There is so much information to know. In fact, at the end of every chapter, if there is a book about the chapter topic, I have listed it there so that you can learn even more about what you have just read.

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