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Hello and Welcome to My New Site!

You may already realize that this site is brand new. In fact it is still under construction.I am welcoming you to join in on this platform where you can join in on discussion and ask your questions. I will look forward to meeting you.And of course, entry to this site will always be free for you, as a thank you for being here while I continue to build it. I invite you to ask me questions and interact with me, because this is the help that I need to manage the direction that this site follows.

Community with a common goal

People love helping one another. And we all need help. ust a simple story – your own story – of how reflux has affected you can give someone inspiration or courage, or even a sense of comfort to others, knowing that “I am not alone”. The great thing about community is that we are the unique qualities of each of us join together to make a comprehensive collection of information that can help more people.

Community discussion on causes of reflux

Discussion is how we learn from one another. Acid reflux has many different causes. So, what are the causes of your own acid reflux? What are the particular symptoms that you have that identify the underlying causes? Open discussion in a structured environment can help others to learn and examine the underlying causes of their own reflux disease.

Live Stream Videos and Replays

A growing library of videos will be made available to learn about reflux and its causes.Join in for live meetings where questions from the previous week could be discussed.

Questions and Answers

Find a place to leave your questions. We’ll do our best to answer them and add the information to the body of knowledge in the site.

Learn More About the Acid Reflux Formula

There is only a limited amount of information that can be collected into a little book. Find more information about the reflux formula, what it entails and how to follow it in much more detail.

Sources of Information

Sift through a collection of journal articles, find out what other books are writing about the subjects that relate to acid reflux, find reference charts and lists that can help you on your health journey.

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