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My book needs some 5-star reviews.Can you help?5-star reviews will help to get this information into the hands of many more people.
Include your thoughts about what is in the book.Include your thoughts about what is in the book can help others to decide whether the book is going to fit their situation.
If you don’t think that the book is worth 5 stars, then contact me to let me know why, so that improve the information that it contains.What to write in a Book Review

  • Add something of your own story: what has been your situation and experience with acid reflux.
  • How does the book information connect with your story?
  • Tell something about the book – is there something there that you found noteworthy? Write what is in the book so other people know what the book is about!
  • Is the book easy to read? Are the ideas explained clearly?
  • Would you recommend the book?

Example Review:

If I had known this in formation in 2010, this is what I probably would have written about in a testimonial:”I have had acid reflux for the last 6 years. Multiple visits to various doctors have determined that I have acid reflux, but none of them can provide any solutions to the problem. I have seen GI specialists, Ear-nose-throat specialists, naturopaths, nutritionists, allergists. I have undergone many diagnostic tests, and have learned a lot of things, but no one has come up with any answers. I have tried many allopathic and alternative treatments, but the situation has simply been getting worse.”The information contained in Drew’s book Acid Reflux Formula has been eye-opening! It is clearly written and based on scientific research, and shows how much of the conventional advice about acid reflux maintenance is keeping us sick, and why some acid reflux diets are inappropriate. If I had only known the significance of simple concepts, like insulin resistance, the low-carb diet, and the MMC, my life would have been different. But going forward, I am thankful to have found this information. It is a must-read for anyone who is serious about overcoming acid reflux.”Back in 2010 I was considering surgery to try to put an end to the pain. I really could not bear the thought of living with the same level of pain for the rest of my life. No doctors could give me any hope for the situation. Thankfully, I succeeded in managing the symptoms, and five years later the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.

Other information you can use

Here are some points that the book is trying to convey:

  • The connection between body fat and reflux disease: Skinny people can get reflux and obese people can often be without reflux.
  • The strong connections between acid reflux and other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high triglycerides (metabolic syndrome). Also, how many situations in ordinary life contribute to insulin resistance which leads to reflux.
  • The difference between this diet (which is low carb) and others such as AWD which can be high carb, and can sometimes continue to contribute to metabolic disease.
  • How diet can remove the painful effect of reducing PPI medications
  • How diet, alone, can take care of multiple issues, including reducing PPIs, bloating, bacterial overgrowth, skin problems and other infections around the body, as well as reduce other underlying causes of reflux.
  • Acid reflux medications actually make acid reflux worse over time, not better
  • Antibiotics and other ‘safe’ treatments can be the beginnings of acid reflux
  • H.Pylori is not actually quite the enemy that we have always thought. It has many benefits.
  • No one ever talk about the MMC (migrating motor complex) which can have a dramatic impact on gut health, and overall body health
  • Undiagnosed gastroparesis is often a cause of failed surgeries.
  • Everyone has been trying to lower their acid level, but this book supports raising stomach acid levels for better health.

How to Review on Amazon

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